Marco Vanoli

Marco Vanoli is a name that embodies stories and history: the stories of those who brought this last name before himand an all-Italian tradition made of textile producers,painters, sculptors, architects, art men and collectors; a name that has long been synonymous with mastery and skill in creating "beauty" and "made in Italy" taste.

Heir to this long tradition, Marco Vanoli is a child of harmony, creativity and courage,courage with which he has been able to concentrate thirty years of passionate research in the world of fur with a prestigious brand,creating garments of great charm and high quality, in which the nobility of the materials is combined with the clean lines and meticulous attention to detail and particulars.His creations are aimed at satisfying the sophisticated needs of an international clientele and have been appreciated all over the world, landing on the most prestigious fashion magazines such as VOGUE.


Distributed by Rossi Pierangelo

Via Alcidede Gasperi 17 - Collebeato (BS) - ITALY

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